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P2P Trading Tips

P2P Trading Tips


Here are some tricks and tips for  peer to peer trading that can help keep you  safe when buying and selling on a peer to peer Marketplace, This is only a guide as every trade has different sets of circumstances.


If you are buying

  • Always read the seller’s trade terms and be sure you can meet these terms.
  • Always contact the seller to discuss the trade payment methods ect, Also to finalize delivery address or wallet address.
  • If you do not have a trading history with the seller it is advised to ask if the use of third-party Escrow  is an auction for the trade this keeps funds safe for both parties for a small fee, we will have ‘ trade codes’ implemented very soon this will act the same as an escrow.
  • Be wary of very low advertised price when trading if it sounds too good to be true it normally is.
  • You can be a good idea to ask the seller for verification in the form of a selfie with photo ID it is up to the seller whether they provide that information or not most genuine sellers will not have a problem with this.
  • Always ask for a copy of transaction ID or shipping documents to keep in your records.
  • please be aware that any purchases made with PayPal for crypto transaction can be charged back And you as the buyer will not be able to contest’ the chargeback as crypto does not meet paypal’s trading terms only use PayPal with friends and family for crypto transactions.

Remember to leave feedback for the trade It is important  building a history for each user for future reference, please report any attempted scams or scams to admin we take all reports seriously. 


If you are selling: 

  • Always make your preferred payment method and trading terms clear in your listing.
  • Here are some  turns you may want to add to your listing,  photo ID required to trade simply ask the buyer to provide a selfie with photo ID before you commence trading,  it is up to the buyer to provide this information if they are unwilling to do so proceed with caution. you can ask trades be made via a third party escrow service keeping both parties funds safe,  we will have ‘trade codes’ available very soon this will act as an escrow service for safe trading.
  • Always agree on  final price of trade,  payment method and shipping methods before sending goods or crypto.
  • Please be aware if you accept PayPal payments for crypto you may be charged back and will not be able to contest’ the charge back due to paypal  not accepting crypto in their terms
  • try and communicate with the other user via message to finalize  the trade, provide shipping details or transaction number if required and ask for payment verification for your records.
  • Remember to leave feedback once you’ve completed a trade with another user and always report any scams or non-payment to admin as we take accusations very seriously.


Please tips will help keep you safe when peer to peer trading but they are only one element of safe practices please be smart use common sense and if something doesn’t feel right you don’t have to trade, If you’re unsure feel free to visit our telegram chat and ask the community’s opinion.