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  • How do I post a listing ad?

    Posting a listing When you are logged in to the platform you can select “post your ad” in the top right of the page, The first field is “Heading” simply name the product you wish to buy or sell, next you can choose the “category” for the item this will add a second field for “subcategories” select the appropriate one. Next is “description” be clear and accurate in your description, also include shipping details and trade terms, from this point the fields will be different depending on the category, most fields are required and for cryptocurrency pricing please see the “market price” explanation. Select your price and if the price is fixed, negotiable, auction, offer ect, at this time price is displayed in USD we may add more fiat currencies in the future, now you can choose the preferred payment options, you may select more than one if its not listed add it to your description. Move through the required fields depending on the category and you will be given the chance to upload pics in all categories except “crypto “ the images must be no larger than 2MG and 5 is the maximum be sure the file is correct and the picture is the right size before adding, we highly recommend the use of pictures to improve your listings visual impact. You're very close to posting your listing you just need to read and accept the listing policies and move to the right-hand column to ad your location and press submit! All listings need approval and will be published once approved by admin, normally within 6-12 hours, in the event your listing is rejected by admin you will be notified by email and why it was rejected. Happy listing

  • Which listing bundle should I choose?

    There are 3 listings bundles available to choose from the first is the “Free bundle” this gives you unlimited free listings and the uses of a “feature ad”, the feature listing is a great way to get extra eyes on your listing as it will appear on the home page and have a “featured listing “ banner, the free bundle does not expire, the second choice is “premium bundle” for only $4.99 this entitles you to 5x “Feature listings” and 15x “Bump ups” and of course unlimited free listings, “bump ups” are what they sound like when your free listings get pushed down the page its a great idea to bump them to the top again, this bundle is valid for 60 days , the third available option is “ Business Bundle” for $9.99 you receive some serious priority in listing you adds, 10x featured listings and 30x bump ups and valid for 80 days your listings will be seen. Our cart accepts Paypal and all major credit and debit cards via our secured payment portal

  • What does "Market price" mean and how does it work?

    Market price explained When posting a listing for one of the 5 supported cryptocurrencies you have the option to select “market price” when selected you will see the current market price for that coin displayed in the price field, you can either set it to follow the market price as it moves or just below the price field is a “percentage” field this feature is to set a certain % above or below the market price, eg a buy listing might add -2% making the buy price 2% lower than market value and if selling you could add a % above “market price “ the price is then displayed on your listing in real-time and will move up and down with market movements.

  • How does work? is a free p2p open marketplace what does this mean? You are able to List Crypto, goods and services under your profile for free When another user wants to trade buy or sell with you they can use the in-house secure messaging service or you have the option to display your phone number and email, the two parties can communicate about the trade swap details for payment and perform the trade between themselves, this gives both parties for control over wallets bank accounts etc making this truly decentralised peer to peer Marketplace. With trades taking place between users there is no trade fee or transaction fee No Fiat on-ramp fees or currency conversion fees additionally it allows for a kyc free platform meaning your details and identity this is not sold or passed on to third parties as outlined in our privacy policy we do not share your details with anybody for any reason.

  • What do I get for using my referral link?

    Our referral program is somewhat unique in comparison to your standard referral program most programs will pay a percentage or fee for each referral received, they do this from either the transaction fees you pay or through store purchases, we don't charge fees or have products for sale we do have listing bundles available when you sign up with the base being free and allowing unlimited standard listing, 1 featured listing, Premium bundle offers unlimited standard listings 5 featured listings and 15 listing bump ups for $4.99 and a business bundle for $9.99, the featured listings appear on the home page and the top of their selected category giving them the most exposure to potential buyers, And bump ups I will shoot your listing to the top of the pile in it's selected category, two very valuable tools when trading peer 2 peer. You will find your referral link on the main tab once you have logged in you can copy and paste your unique referral link and share it with friends, family, social media even email if you wish each time and you use a used as your referral link and signs up and selects a listing bundle you will be rewarded. For every successful referral that selects any listing bundle, you will receive $1 credit voucher The amounts do add on top of each Successful referral so if you were to get 5 referrals selecting the free bundle you would have $5 in credit for your next bundle purchase and so on. You will receive a redeemable code with the referral value to use in the check out when purchasing a bundle, referral codes cannot be used in conjunction with any other vouchers, may end the referral program at any time, all bonus credit will still be valid if referral program ends. If any users are found to be abusing or cheating the referral program all credits will be removed from their profile.

  • What is a Trusted vendor?

    Trusted vendor badge gives you the peace of mind that you're dealing with a trustworthy vendor the badge can only be obtained by successfully passing our verification process that is close to KYC requirements with added verification steps like a video call, previous trade or vendor history and feedback on other sites just to mention a few, This will give uses that extra confidence that they are dealing with I trusted vendor or trader, This additional verification process Falls under our privacy policy meaning all details are secure and never given to a third party.

  • How do I raise a dispute on a trade or purchase ?

    If you haven't received goods you have paid for or haven't received payment for a trade your best cause of action is to follow it up with the payment provider eg Paypal, local bank or card issuer as they can perform chargebacks in a lot of cases As no trades actually take place on the site we have no way to resolve any dispute that may arise, that is not to say we don't want to hear about in we take scams very seriously and will look into all reports, be sure to always leave feedback and ratings for users or vendors you have dealt with on the site this will help build a safe and friendly p2p trade community over time.

  • How can I swap crypto to crypto with no sign ups?

    The crypt swap icon on the right-hand side of the page allows you to swap over 250 cryptocurrencies from your own wallets very quickly, simply and at a very low cost. select the 2 coins you wish to swap enter the addresses and follow the prompts you can swap BTC for ETH and vice verser or chose any of the 250 coins offered, there is no sign up no KYC as it is all non-custodial there is no commission fee charged you pay the network fees on a swap, currently for every transaction you perform using the icon on our page you will receive SWAP tokens as reward a soon to be launched stable coin for the swap network making this the cheapest and easiest way to swap crypto in the market try it out we know you will be impressed

  • Can I advertise with

    Yes you can, we offer a number of advertising options to suit all budgets, from banner ads through to becoming a trusted partner with All enquiries can be sent to