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About Us is not your average p2p crypto exchange in fact it's not really an exchange at all, we provide a free trade classified e-commerce platform for members to post listings for just about anything they want to buy, sell or swap with an emphasis on cryptocurrency, a mix of eBay and Facebook Marketplace is a good way to think of it with the added freedom of being able to list your crypto.

Unlike other p2p exchanges that held ICO’s and raised millions of dollars to build a platform and then charge trade fees, is 100% free and has been built with the founders limited funds from his pocket, no teams of developers, marketing departments and large bank accounts here just an idea to provide something fun and different for the community worldwide.

Our vision is to aid the mass adoption of crypto worldwide by providing an easy to use open marketplace for goods, crypto and even services.

Some key benefits for users like no disclosure KYC, no wallets on the platform to be hacked, your choice of how, when and where your trades take place the ability to open a vendor store and added peace of mind that members are verified, your contact details are withheld until you accept a trade with another member, and key tools like our Trusted Partner program to help close the deal.