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p2p crypto freedom in 2020

Hi everyone and welcome to new members, free trade p2p marketplace has begun to grow nicely from our launch some months back with members registering in a regular basis and some ads being posted too, if you haven’t registered its quite simple we are also looking at login to become a requirement to view listings, would be happy to get everyone’s feedback on that to, drop us a email or in our telegram channel or any other ideas or feedback.

Thankyou for all your parents while we work though a few bugs on the site some have been a little tricky to rectify but we are crossing them off the list, Some of you may have noticed in the shop with the listing bundles there are now single bumps and featured ads available along with “Safe trade codes” this is a work in progress and you will see there is none available but stay tuned it will be activated as a payment option in listings and will provide a secure form of trade between 2 parties more details will be added to the site the closer we get to running it live, but it will ensure NO scams are possible and you will be able to trade Fiat-Crypto Crypto-Fiat, Fiat and Crypto- goods and services……

2020 is set to be a huge year for crypto and p2p trading and is the best way to trade p2p free, and to become the go to marketplace we need your help to spread the word, follow, like, subscribe to our social media pages and tell your friends and family about the buy, swap and sell platform and remember they dont have to be in the crypto world to use the site we cater for everyone !! and what a great way to get them introduced to the crypto world through trading there unwanted goods hey.

Happy new year from the team….

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